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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I know.....Long time-No Post.....LOL

Okay, so our lives have been a little hectic lately!! Dillon finished OSUT last week and we have moved to Fort Stewart, GA!!! It has been a CRAZY ride so far to say the least, but I am sooooooooo glad that we are back together!

I had a "fun" experience this morning. The kids and I went to the commissary (grocery store on post) to pick up a few things that we couldn't pack. I felt a little lost and out of place but it's ok because I am learning. Well we are in the check out lane getting ready to pay and this little lady starts bagging our stuff up. She then sees the water under the basket gets it out for me and has the cashier scan them for me. I am just thinking what a nice bagger. (She really just came out of no-where). I pay for our things and notice she has put our handful of bags in a different basket. She follows us out to the car and puts the bags in. As she was doing that I put the babies in their seats. And I was expecting her to have already gone back in. Instead she is just standing behind the car.....And I am dumbfounded as to why she is still there. I totally had a flashback to the movie Pretty Woman, where Vivian is standing there in front of the guy who brought up the strawberries and champagne thinking "What are you looking at?" Yeah, she wanted a tip........epic fail on my part because I don't carry cash on me. I felt HORRIBLE!!!!!  At least it was only a few bags though! So that was my first real experience on post. Now I know when the ever so nice bagger shows up to say "No thank you!" LOL!!! Thank goodness I know how to laugh at my wonderful dumb moments!!!!!!!

Other than our very recent move there isn't much to report on, I hope we find a house soon!!! This hotel is nice but its 64 dollars a night that can empty your bank account pretty quickly :( So be praying we find a house within the next week or so!!!!!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend!!


  1. I'm so glad to see you a) made it safely and are settling in well b) are back to blogging!
    In a way I hate that I'm not on this journey with you, but girl enjoy it enough for the both of us!!