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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want. - Ben Stein

Today is already a GREAT day!! I took the kiddos out to the Library and we had a blast :) Elaina was really good and actually minded, lol. On Facebook  Ft. Benning's page does a contest every Tuesday for pictures of your soldier's company!!! And guess what???????? We won!!!!!! I can't control my excitement!!!!! I get to see my wonderful hubby(hopefully). They said that there is no guarantee that he will be in them but I SOOOO hope he is!!! :)) Oh that boi makes me all giddy and he is miles away!!! Love him to the moon and back <3 Okay, well on to today's challenge. 7 Wants!!!

1.    A phone call from my Soldier!! I would put on here to see him, but I already know the day that I will be able to see him. A phone call is the best thing I could get right now. Well that and a photo of him!!! I should be getting one this Sunday!! YAY!!!!

2.    Elaina to be potty trained!! Oh man do I ever want this!!!!! I am so tired of changing two sets of diapers. Well she is in Pull-ups but still. For some reason she just refuses to get on the potty. I mean FLAT-OUT refuses. I don't know why. She isn't scared of it because she has done it before. It's most likely all the change that has been going on lately. But I am going to keep trying :)

  Ford Edge!!!!! I need A/C and space!!!

3.    I need a car with A/C! This heat is a killer!!!! My dream vehicle is the Ford Edge. Hopefully I'll get one. But really a car with space and A/C and I am good!!!!

4.    To lose this extra baby weight!! I am working my butt off trying to lose 15-20 pounds before Dillon graduates in October!! Good news, I weighed in yesterday and have lost 8 already!!! Wooohooo!! Yay for Mommy Boot Camp :)

5.    Our own space! My little family and I want/need our own place and we should be able to get it in less than a month! Yay for paychecks :) I already have the place picked out unless something better comes along!! We can not wait!!!!!!

6.    I really want Elaina weaned before she is three. I have loved being able to breastfeed her this long but now its becoming more of a chore and I don't want her or I to remember it that way. It has been an amazing experience. I already have her down to just twice a day, but man I know those are going to be so hard to break :(

 A kitty cat!! Elaina and I both want one :)
7.     I REALLY want a lil kitty!!! I have wanted one since we had to get rid of ours when I was a little girl! They are just tooooo sweet :)

I know this was supposed to post yesterday...I had it written just forgot to post it! Sorry :) Enjoy your day everyone!!!!

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