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Saturday, August 6, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

Well a friend of mine is doing this on her blog and it looks like something fun. Today's list wont be in any kind of order. Well here it goes:)

10.    Growing up I always wanted to join the Riverdancers!!! I could watch them on PBS for hours on end. My grandma (Mimi) even bought me tap shoes! She wasn't bad herself and she taught me a little bit!! Even to this day I wish I could move the way those women do. If you were just watching them from the waist up you would never know their feet were moving a mile a minute! Just captivating :)

9.    I REALLY hate feet. I don't know what it is about them I just do. Maybe part of it is my mom would always ask me to rub hers growing up. I am okay with baby feet(they are cute). But there is just something about them that just makes me almost gag. Oh and Dillon knows this and decides to torture me quite often. Ewwww

8.    Back before Dillon and I started dating I wasn't looking for anything serious. I had a really tough semester in college and was just looking for a fun summer fling(I got more than I bargained for ;)). Well during this time I was reading the Twilight series. As I got into the love story I realized that I wanted my own "Edward" and he was siting right next to me. My eyes were opened to the way he looked at me. My heart felt his love just beaming off of him. So yes, a book influenced me into failing in love with the best man I could ever ask for! Thank You Stephanie Myer!!!! Lol

7.    I am the oldest of three kids. My brother and I are 8 years apart and my sister and I are 12 years apart!! I know, CRAZY!! As we grew up I had a lot of responsibilities(which now I am grateful for) and I felt like I was raising them. And through all of that all I could ever say was "I am never having kids!!". Well we see how well that worked out....I have two!! Hahaha Just goes to show you how much our perspectives on life change as we grow up!! :)

6.    When I was in middle school I cut my hair BUTCH!!! Enough said.(I hate those pictures mom!!)

5.    I have a passion for Natural Childbirth. I would really like to get the chance to become a midwife one day!! I loved being able to have my two babies without any medical interventions and I want to help show women that it IS OK to have your baby with the FREEDOM to labor the way you want! It truly is an amazing experience on the Mother's side, so I can only imagine how wonderful it is to be the woman to help that mother realize she has the strength and power to bring her baby into this world!!!

4.    I am an Army wife and am really excited about it! I can't wait to see what the Army has to offer us! I know there will be times that I will just want to break down and cry, but I am an ARMY STRONG WIFE!!! And I will stand by My Soldier, My Hero, My love!!!! You are my rock baby!!!

3.    Since my Hubby left for BCT in July, I have a pillow on his side of the bed with one of his shirts on it!! Every once in a while I will spray it with his cologne....mmmmhmmm!! I snuggle with that pillow and the blanket that he would use at night to go to bed. What can I say? I only miss him a lil lot!

2.    I am an animal person!! If I wasn't allergic to so many we would have a house full. Oh and if Dillon would let me, haha!! But we do have a Cocker Spaniel named Bentley! He is a beautiful chocolate color and he misses his daddy very much. He even ate Dillon's old wallet that he had given our daughter to use as a toy!!

1.    This one is kinda funny!! My name does not have an "E" on the end. All through school and anytime anyone ever spells it and doesn't know me always puts an "E" on the end. Well there is a story to this. Before I was born my mom and dad were coming up with baby names, as all parents do, when they stumbled upon two names that went well together. So they had the names picked out before I was born and they really didn't know when I was due. I was born on 6/6/****. My mom went all superstitious because all three of my names had six letters. She was afraid I would become the spawn of Satan...Hince no "E" on my name!!! LMAO

Well that took a looooong time, but I think it was worth it!! Hope you get a few laughs out of it :)

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